Lantern’s Top Recommendations for Upsell/Cross-sell Shopify Apps

Published on
February 24, 2024
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What is a cross sell/upsell app and what to look for in one? 

Whether you're launching your first online store or expanding an existing one, the strategic use of upsell and cross-sell apps can be a game-changer for your revenue and customer experience.

Upsell apps effectively suggest additional products or upgrades, enhancing the average order value (AOV). Cross-sell apps complement this by recommending products that pair well with the customer's choices, enriching their shopping journey.

When selecting an upsell and cross-sell app for your Shopify store, consider the following crucial aspects to ensure it complements your business strategy and enriches the customer experience:

  • Seamless Integration: The app should integrate flawlessly with your store, maintaining the integrity of your design and shopping flow. It's vital that the app feels like a natural part of your store to avoid disrupting the user experience.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: With a significant portion of online shopping occurring on mobile devices, the app's design must be responsive. This ensures that upsell and cross-sell suggestions are presented effectively across all devices, catering to the majority of your traffic.
  • Complex Recommendations: Look for apps that employ AI or more complex triggers to automate product recommendations, offering the most relevant products based on customer behavior and other triggers. This technology can significantly increase the likelihood of additional sales by tailoring suggestions to individual user preferences.
  • Customization and Compatibility: The ability to customize the appearance and logic of upsell and cross-sell offers is key. The app should allow you to align the recommendations with your store's aesthetic and ensure compatibility with your theme and other installed apps.
  • Analytical Insights: Choose an app that provides detailed analytics and reports. Understanding the performance of your upsell and cross-sell strategies allows you to adjust and optimize for better results continually.
  • Developer Support: The level of support and resources available is also an important consideration. An app supported by a responsive and helpful customer service team, along with a comprehensive knowledge base, can make implementation and troubleshooting much smoother

Let’s explore the top 5 Shopify Upsell apps of 2024. These carefully selected apps streamline the integration of upsell and cross-sell tactics into your store, ensuring a seamless and engaging shopping experience for your customers.

1. AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell
  • Shopify Link: AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell
  • Pricing & Trial: Includes a free plan. 30-day free trial. Prices start at $7.99/month.
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Why It's Great: AfterSell is acclaimed for enhancing post-purchase upsells and optimizing thank you pages, contributing significantly to customer satisfaction and AOV increase.
  • Standout Feature: Notable for its one-click upsell & downsell offers, especially advantageous for Shopify Plus stores enhancing their checkout pages.
  • Why it earns 1st place: AfterSell claims the top spot with its user-friendly upsells, quick setup, and immediate revenue impact. It's particularly favored for its multi-language support, appealing to a global audience.
2. UpCart—Cart Drawer Cart Upsell
  • Shopify Link: UpCart—Cart Drawer Cart Upsell
  • Pricing & Trial: Free plan available. 7-day free trial. Paid plans from $14.99/month.
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Why It's Great: UpCart is recognized for its customizable cart design and in-cart upselling features, which have been effective in boosting AOV and streamlining the shopping experience.
  • Standout Feature: The addition of upselling blocks within the cart and a sticky cart button enhances both functionality and customer engagement.
  • Why it earns 2nd place: UpCart is lauded for its intuitive design and seamless integration with Shopify's checkout process, making it a preferred choice for enhancing cart functionality and upsell effectiveness.
3. EasySell COD Form & Upsells
  • Shopify Link: EasySell COD Form & Upsells
  • Pricing & Trial: Free plan available. Paid plans starting at $9.95/month. No free trial.
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Why It's Great: EasySell specializes in optimizing the Cash on Delivery (COD) process, catering to a specific market segment with its tailored upsells and quantity offers.
  • Standout Feature: Distinguished by its focus on COD with a customizable order form and phone number verification via OTP.
  • Why it earns 3rd place: EasySell’s focus on enhancing COD systems, including features like live order export to Google Sheets and a user-friendly interface, makes it a versatile option for various ecommerce models.
4. Wiser Post Purchase & Upsell Sales
  • Shopify Link: Wiser Post Purchase & Upsell
  • Pricing & Trial: Free plan available up to 50 monthly orders then starting at only $9/month.
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Why It's Great: The app is very reasy to use with a lot of customization options
  • Standout Feature: Features a broad range of product recommendation methods including AI based related products, praised for it's accuracy. Perfect for start-ups and small business with it's flexible payment options.
  • Why it earns 4th place: Wiser is favored by stores that need a high accuracy product recommendation with the added benefit of an advantageous payment structure even for small businesses.

5. ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell
  • Shopify Link: ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell
  • Pricing & Trial: Free plan available. 30-day free trial.
  • Rating: 4.9/5
  • Why It's Great: ReConvert is an all-encompassing solution for post-purchase customer engagement, offering upsell funnels and customizable thank you pages to significantly elevate AOV and customer loyalty.
  • Standout Feature: Known for its conversion-focused post-purchase upsell funnel and the ability to add interactive elements on thank you pages.
  • Why it earns 5th place: ReConvert is favored for boosting AOV through strategic post-purchase upsells and cross-sells, complemented by extensive customization options and insightful analytics.

Honorable Mentions:

In addition to our top picks, there are a few other Shopify upsell apps that deserve a shoutout for their unique features and capabilities:

1. Outsell Cross Sell & Upsell

 Shopify Link: Outsell Cross Sell & Upsell

   Description: This app stands out for its incredibly quick and easy setup, allowing you to implement re-purchase upsell and cross-sell pop-ups that customers can add to their cart with just one click. Priced at a fixed cost of $19.99 per month, it’s a perfect, affordable solution, especially for those just starting out.

2. Honeycomb Upsell & Cross Sell

   Shopify Link: Honeycomb Upsell & Cross Sell

   Description: Known for its fantastic customer support and highly customizable pop-ups, this app excels in smart product recommendations. While it does offer a free plan, the paid plans start at $49.99 per month, which may be a bit steep compared to other alternatives.

3. Bold Upsell ‑ True Upsells!

   Shopify Link: Bold Upsell ‑ True Upsells!

   Description: Bold Upsell is notable for its ability to upsell subscriptions directly from the product page and before checkout. It boasts an easy setup process with prices starting at $24.99, making it a solid choice for those looking to enhance their upselling strategies.

Each of these apps brings something special to the table, so they're definitely worth checking out if you're looking to expand your store's upselling and cross-selling capabilities.

Final Thoughts: Navigating the Selection of Upsell and Cross-Sell Apps for Shopify

Selecting the right upsell and cross-sell app for your Shopify store hinges on matching the app's features with your store's unique needs. Here are the essential factors to guide your decision:

  • Accuracy and Logic: If your goal is precise, tailored recommendations, prioritize apps with advanced AI that analyze customer behavior to suggest the most relevant products.
  • Budget Alignment: Your choice should reflect your store's financial stage. Opt for apps that offer a clear ROI through enhanced average order values without straining your budget.
  • Ease of Use: For stores seeking simplicity, choose apps that require no coding for customization, ensuring you can easily adjust your upsell and cross-sell tactics.
  • Responsive Design: With mobile shopping on the rise, ensure the app is mobile-friendly, offering a seamless experience across all devices.
  • Support Quality: Consider the level of customer support provided. Efficient, accessible support can be crucial for navigating setup and optimization challenges.

Your final pick should not only meet your current needs but also scale with your business, balancing functionality, affordability, and user-friendliness.

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