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Pedaling Ahead: Vapaus' bike selection revolution with Lantern app

Published on
February 24, 2024
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In the world of sustainable mobility, few brands stand out as distinctly as Vapaus. Recently winning gold in the European Startup Prize for Mobility 2023, Vapaus is a beacon of innovation in the B2B2C mobility space. The company showcases a commitment to both the environment and their customers. Their passion for cycling, emission-free mobility, and global well-being is evident in every facet of their operations. But how does a brand ensure its expansive range of benefit bikes meet the unique desires of each customer? Enter the Lantern Quiz App. We had the opportunity to speak to Vapaus about how a product finder quiz has proven to be an ingenious tool that reshaped their digital platform, enhancing the bike-buying journey for every visitor.

Q: What drove you to install a quiz builder app?
Since we have a very broad selection of benefit bikes in our webshop, it was very important for us to have a tool that can help customers select the right bike in the most efficient way. Top-notch customer service is very important to us and with high volumes, it was very difficult to assist everyone in regards to the bike selection. With the help of the quiz builder app, we managed to categorize our selection in a simple accessible way for the customers, thus improving our customer satisfaction. Additionally, having more data about the preferences of the customers is vital for us in moving forward and developing our services.
Q: What did you learn from using a quiz on your store?
We have learned that our customers are very eager to take part in it, it helps them a lot to understand their needs and find the most suitable option from our online store. It also helped us in developing our marketing and communication with the clients.
Q; Did you send targeted traffic to your quiz? Or did you use the regular traffic you have on your website?
We used and are using our regular traffic.
Q; We know you're using Klaviyo as an integration to follow-ups with your quiz takers. Did the quiz data help you with your marketing targeting or learning more about your customers?
Absolutely, we have collected a lot of useful data in order to use it for our marketing purposes. It helps us to reach more individuals and spread the message of the positive impacts of cycling and sustainable living.
Q: What were some of the biggest improvements that you saw for your store since using a product finder quiz?
As stated before, it helped us a lot with improving our customer satisfaction, providing a more tailored and personalized experience to each customer. More in- depth data helps us to analyze wishes and trends in customer behavior. Definitely, the generation of sales and planning of marketing activities.

With the adoption of Lantern, Vapaus has not only elevated their user experience but also fortified their mission to champion cycling and sustainable living. As they continue to pedal ahead, Vapaus's blend of purpose and innovation serves as a testament to the possibilities that arise when technology meets passion. With every benefit bike they offer, Vapaus rides one step closer to a greener, more connected world so if you’re in the market for suitable corporate mobility solutions, don’t hesitate to visit their store.

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