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Elevate the Quiz Experience with Personalized Results Summaries

Published on
February 24, 2024
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In an era of customer-centric business, creating personalized experiences is more than a trend; it’s a necessity. One powerful way to do this is by enhancing your customer’s quiz experiences with dynamic data recall for a personalized results summary. Lantern allows users to do this through our powerful dynamic data recall functionality, allowing businesses to stand out with customized and engaging quizzes.

How Lantern Transforms Quiz Experiences

Using Lantern, businesses can assign a unique property ID to each question within a quiz. This feature allows users to reuse and recall the chosen answers in order to craft a comprehensive and personalized quiz results summary. A personalized results summary keeps customers engaged, demonstrating a brand's commitment to offering tailored solutions, which, in turn, enhances customer loyalty and satisfaction.

How to create a quiz results summary

For our example, we’re going to use Siesta Sloth, a demo store that sells pillows and bedding. The “Find Your Perfect Pillow” quiz guides customers to pillows that match their specific preferences and needs. When setting up the quiz we’ve created custom variable IDs for each of the questions in the quiz:







Here is a snapshot of how we used these variables to create a personalized results summary for the quiz:

{{ first_name | capitalize | default: "Hey" }} here are the best options for you. You are seeing these recommendations because you are a {{ sleep_position | lowercase }} sleeper with a {{ pillow_thickness | lowercase }} pillow thickness preference. Your preferred choice for pillow firmness is {{ pillow_firmness | lowercase }}, and your chosen filling is {{ pillow_filling | lowercase }}. Combined, these preferences lead you to the perfect pillow within your budget, ensuring the best sleep without any {{ sleep_concern | lowercase | replace: "none of the above", "discomfort" }}.

This is what it looks like in practice:

To find out more about creating and using dynamic variables, check out the following article.


Creating quiz result summaries using Lantern is more than a strategy; it's an investment in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It allows businesses to communicate effectively with their audience, ensuring customers that their preferences are the priority. By providing a tailored and comprehensive quiz summary, businesses can ensure a superior and personalized shopping experience, leading to increased customer retention and ultimately, business growth. Join the revolution and let Lantern lead the way to a more engaging and personalized customer journey.

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